Leadership Expert Reveals Biggest Mistake Senior Management Makes That Stands In The Way Of Effective Leadership

Los Angeles, California July 18, 2022 – Jeff Cohen announced the July 7, 2022, public release of the ground-breaking new business growth and development system Count-On-Able™:  a book and a 90-day business reinvention system.

Count-On-Able™ – a book and 90-day coaching program for C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and seasoned business professionals looking to radically up-level the productivity and performance of themselves and their teams by ending restrictive, stodgy methods of people management and quickly leveraging the talents and motivation of each member of the business for rapid growth and high team satisfaction. Being Count-On-Able is the new paradigm for accountability in business.

“This program allows public access to powerful and effective principles and techniques that drive great performance and high employee satisfaction, developed and honed through decades of entrepreneurial success,” said Jeff Cohen, creator of the new system. “The radical and rapid changes in today’s work environment require a complete overhaul of how leaders and team members relate to work assignment and reporting to assure company success and team member satisfaction.”

The new program meshes perfectly with and complements other powerful methods developed by Cohen in his lengthy experience helping entrepreneurs, innovators, and creative business start-ups launch, grow and leverage innovative ideas rapidly and successfully to enhance both financial success and internal enjoyment.

Developed over decades of work in leadership with hundreds of CEOs, founders, start-up teams, and his own companies, plus extensive research in productivity, motivation, and retention of high-quality human capital, this program allows high-speed deployment of new ideas, stellar attraction, and retention of high-quality people and rapid achievement of company stability.

This program and book are available online, so geography is not a limiting factor in access to this new and innovative material. Cohen also speaks to groups and leadership teams to assist them in understanding and deployment of these new methods.

Cohen, who has been featured on Shark Tank, trains and develops executive leadership and their teams to incorporate and implement the principles and practices of the Count-On-Able™ process.

Cohen is an entertaining speaker, a no-nonsense implementer, and a world-class leader with decades of real-world experience to add to the power of this exciting new approach to accountability, productivity, and job satisfaction.

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