Brad Feldmar, Chief Revenue Officer for TE+A Marketing, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Brad Feldmar discusses how financial planners should use content marketing to grow their agency. 

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Regarding content marketing, financial planners must focus on creating content that provides value to their target audience. This means creating educational and informative content that provides readers with answers to the questions they have about financial planning. The content should also be tailored specifically for their target audience. Think about what topics would be most useful and relevant for them, and create content around those topics.

Another essential aspect of effective content marketing is consistency. Financial planners should aim to regularly post new material so that their audience will come back for more information time and time again. They can try to create a weekly or biweekly schedule to post new pieces of content related to financial planning, such as blog posts, videos, podcasts, and social media posts. This will help build up their reputation as an expert in the field and give readers a reason to return for more.

Brad explained:  “Don’t forget to promote your content. You can share it on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or use email newsletters to keep in touch with subscribers. You should also consider using paid advertising to reach a wider audience. By doing so, you can gain new followers, generate leads, and increase engagement with your content — all of which are beneficial for growing your financial planning agency. With the right strategies in place, financial planners can establish themselves as authorities in the industry and build relationships with potential clients. Content marketing is a powerful tool for gaining new customers and boosting your agency’s success.”

Content marketing is an essential tool for any successful financial planning agency. By following these tips, financial planners can use content marketing to grow their agency and become go-to experts in the industry. With a focus on valuable educational content and consistent promotion, financial planners can reach more potential customers and increase engagement with their content.

About Brad Feldmar

Brad is the Chief Revenue Officer for TE+A Marketing (Trungale Egan and Assoc.). TE+A Marketing is a full-service marketing agency serving the wealth management space since 1986. They help clients maximize growth and retention through superior branding, marketing, and technology.

Brad is a 3rd generation marketer. His grandfather was an early pioneer in direct mail and his father owned a large printing company. As you can imagine, he started his career in print, which turned into database marketing, then email, then digital. One thing remains a constant across all mediums–the right offer, to the right person, at the right time wins!!

He’s been lucky enough to work for some industry leaders including Acxiom and Trans Union, as well as a couple of start-ups with equity positions. He most enjoys getting to know his clients both personally and professionally and bringing a positive can-do attitude to all opportunities.

After living in chilly Chicago for most of his life, he finally fulfilled his dream of moving to California a couple of years ago to open their West Coast office.

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